Social Media Marketing

Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) give personal trainers the opportunity to attract and engage an audience to their practice. It also allows personal trainers to deliver a message, manage their reputation, and encourage loyalty and word of mouth among their customers. Social media for personal trainers is very important in building a reputation for your brand, and increasing the value of your services.

Our social media marketing for personal trainers campaigns include fully designing, deploying, and tracking marketing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter with the goal helping trainers turn connections into loyal customers. Our team creates and deploys promotions, Facebook “Like” campaigns, and publishes data that directly connects trainers to their target audience.


  • Account Design
  • Profile Maintenance
  • Network Growth
  • Publish Wall Posts
  • Promotion Page Creation (if necessary)


  • Account Design
  • Profile Maintenance
  • Follower Growth
  • Publish Postings

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