About Us

BBE Marketing is the premier internet marketing agency for personal trainers and gyms. Rather than promoting internet marketing, our goal is to inspire and educate our clients on the benefits and ROI potential of our services. In forming BBE Marketing, we wanted to form a internet marketing company for personal trainers and gyms that we ourselves would want to do business with.


Customer Service is Cool, But Customer Satisfaction Is So Much Better

We believe in creating a great experience for our clients. We work hard to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our work. At BBE Marketing, we value our reputation of providing customer satisfaction and work hard to live up to those expectations.


Simplicity Goes A Long Way

We understand that not everybody understands internet marketing jargon, so we don’t use it. We take internet marketing and simplify it so we can properly communicate it to our clients so they have a clear understanding of our services. This way you feel more comfortable doing business with us.



We take a pro-active strategy to your internet marketing campaigns. We send out reports bi-weekly and monthly showing the progress of your campaigns. We also help our clients in managing their online reputation by finding any negative feedback from customers, and working with them to fix the issue before it becomes a problem.

Solving a problem after it’s happened? That’s competent. Solving a problem before it happens? That’s the kind of pro-active support you’ll get from our team.


Results Driven

Our SEO guarantee makes our SEO for personal trainers service risk-free. We believe in our services so much that we guarantee our clients that we will get them on the first page of Google.



No Secret Pricing or Extra Fees

All of our clients are bound to the same price list. We don’t charge any extra fees or give special pricing to clients, everybody is charged from the same pricing list that is posted on our website regardless of who you are.